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89% of Consumers Use Search Engines to Make Buying Decisions

How do your customers discover you? Maybe through a friend of a friend. Maybe at a trade show. Maybe by reading a brochure. Of course, they may also discover you through Internet search. 89 percent of consumers surveyed used search … [read more]

7 steps to make your survey a smashing success

One of the great things about operating a business in 2012 is the mountain of data at your fingertips. From web analytics,  customer relationship management tools to detailed sales reports, filtered through Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, or Access, one can gain … [read more]

Survey road map: Say thank you to your customers

Increase your survey’s response rate by showing you care. Remember, the customer’s time and energy is key to your survey’s results. You’ll want to make sure and say “Thank You” for taking the time to complete your survey. After all, … [read more]

Survey road map: Timing is everything

Increase your survey’s response rate by following a timely schedule.  Now you’re ready! You’ve kept your purpose in mind, developed leading, short questions that can be answered in a burst, you’ve targeted the right customers, perfected your method and design, and you’ve even included … [read more]

Survey road map: What’s in it for the customer?

Increase your survey response rate by offering an appealing survey with a reward for customers who complete your survey. Remember, your purpose is to uncover the most data you can use: trends, responses and remarks. You’ve got your goal, your … [read more]

Survey road map: How will they receive your survey?

Increase your survey’s response rate by delivering the survey to the customer effectively.  You’ve got your targets and your questions. Now, how will you contact these customers? Keep in mind your target customer’s preferences, plus standard response rates. Your message … [read more]

The most important 5 minutes you will spend on your website

Make sure you’re in control of your domain name. You wouldn’t let a stranger take off with the sign above your door. What about your domain name? Think about all of the things you can do in just five minutes. … [read more]

Survey road map: What will you ask?

Increase your survey’s response rate by asking the right questions. You’ve pinpointed customers based on demographics and data. You’ve created your ideal customer. Now you’re ready to finalize your survey questions. What will you ask your sample group? First, remember that customers come … [read more]

Survey road map: Who will you ask?

Increase your survey’s response rate by asking the right audience.  You’ve got a few key questions in mind. Now, it’s time to identify who you are seeking answers from and isolate a sample size of customers to best answer your … [read more]

Survey road map: Why survey?

Before you start, it’s important to hone in on the goal of your survey. Of course, you want to learn more about your customer and you probably already have one or two main questions you need to resolve. Concise questions … [read more]


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