Is Pinterest a good way to drive traffic to your website?

Boost website traffic with pintegration, if it’s right for you.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of social media’s fastest riser: Pinterest. A visual soup of inspiration, the virtual community of pinboards features a vibrant following of creative, active users. It’s highly visual, extremely easy to use, and wildly addictive. Pinterest users are engaging and ready to click, visit and even purchase. Best of all? Many marketers project Pinterest users as far more likely to click and buy than Twitter or Facebook users.

When you start using Pinterest, it’s easy to see why. You thumb through millions of images at your fingertips that are posted by other users. Images, just waiting to be pinned, range from DIY craft ideas to delectable recipes. You name it, you can pin it. In many ways, Pinterest serves as a visually-stimulating wish list for all your life’s desires. More and more, Pinterest is becoming the go-to place to find new ideas, designs and methods, making pinners enthused and ready to be inspired by you. Don’t believe us? Soon, you will be inspired too.

“I ignored Pinterest at first. I thought it was just another flash-in-the-pan,” said Mary Corbet of successful embroidery blog Needle ‘n Thread. “But when Pinterest started gaining popularity, the folks at Imagemakers encouraged me to pay attention to this new social platform.” Mary faced the questions all businesses face before wading into social media. Should I really take this seriously? If I do, what will I get in return? For Mary, Pinterest provided a massive boost in website traffic, powered by inspiration. Her followers translated into purchases made at her store, something that many other businesses can also benefit from after setting up a Pinterest account and using their page as a platform to communicate with potential customers.

Here’s How…Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread is home front for a talented embroidery enthusiast, a launching pad for sample patterns, ideas, instructional videos, and resources for all levels of embroiders ranging from amateurs to professionals. What started as a side gig teaching children’s embroidery classes has transformed into a destination for more than 300,000 unique visitors per month. And after just one quarter of utilizing Pinterest, Mary’s Pinterest followers began arriving at her store, illustrating how social media can translate into actual business results.

What Mary learned? She learned that pinning was worthy of her attention. So…she ran with it! She began pinning helpful patterns and designs to her pinboards. Naturally, she began re-pinning other designs from novice users and industry leaders alike. That’s the power of Pinterest, its “pinners” are extremely active, supporting, and constantly engaged. Mary was now fully in a visual social conversation with inspired users similar to Needle ‘n Thread’s blog readership. Each re-pin helped further her brand because she was able to reach her prime target audience: people who love embroidery as much as she does.

Now this boom in success was not only recognized by Mary and our staff at Imagemakers, but it was also brought to the attention of Needle ‘n Thread’s visitors too. We added a “Pin This Page” button for Needle ‘n Thread visitors to click when they wanted to share a post with their Pinterest network, similar to Facebook’s “Like” or Twitter’s “Tweet” button.

“And what we’ve learned is that active pinners become active blog readers and that active blog readers become active pinners.”

– Imagemakers Team

Next, we built customized Pinterest tools into Needle ‘n Thread. Each time Mary posted, she could simultaneously pin the image of her choice to her pinboard. We also added “pinner controls” within Needle ‘n Thread’s content management system, allowing Mary to toggle “Pin This” buttons on and off for various images – something that many customers enjoy being able to control on their website or blog page. “My favorite Pinterest customizations were two really cool “Pin This” buttons that I can add to individual photos on Needle ‘n Thread. They’re an attractive way to grab attention and make the Pinterest connection with specific photos. And, it’s super-easy for me to integrate them into my content,” said Mary.

The results? Well, Needle ‘n Thread saw a surge in web traffic. After pintegration, about six percent of Needle ‘n Thread’s monthly visitors arrived from Pinterest, up from one percent. Also, these numbers occurred prior to Pinterest’s August iPad app launch, which boosted the social network’s usability even further.

Best of all, Pinterest allows you to reach your target audience. Needle ‘n Thread’s Pinterest growth proves you can realize results from social media, simply by choosing to converse with your brand’s best possible ambassadors. With a few tweaks and additional site tools, Mary opened up a dialogue with a world of dedicated inspiration-seekers. Pinterest users are by and large active consumers, different than the more passive users of cousins Facebook and Twitter. Pinners seek inspiration, as they are eager to learn and discuss – and now eager to jump over to Needle ‘n Thread when they find a pattern they like.

The custom WordPress tools on Needle ‘n Thread’s website look great for users, and help Mary and her readers converse seamlessly by trading ideas and visual examples of inspiration. If Pinterest resembles an arts and crafts fair, it’s one with a direct tunnel back to Needle ‘n Thread’s home site. Pintegration doesn’t get any better than sending customers to our client’s doorstep. Ready to try out Pinterest? It could be the best business move you ever made.

Although Pinterest worked extremely well for our client Needle ‘n Thread, we realize that it may not be the right fit for your business. We hope you have taken away several Pinterest tips you can apply to your own social media strategy. However, if you’re ever interested in learning about which social networks would optimize your business results, or if you have Pinterest-specific questions, please email us at or give us a call at (785) 260-0146. Sometimes it just takes someone willing to listen to help you decide on the best marketing steps for your company. And we’re always here to listen.

How have social networks helped you succeed? Let us know, share your thoughts. Like Pinterest users, you’re hoping to be inspired and so are we! We’d love to let your inspirational ideas run wild, so share your comments below.

Happy pinning!


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