Survey road map: Timing is everything

Increase your survey’s response rate by following a timely schedule. 

Now you’re ready! You’ve kept your purpose in mind, developed leading, short questions that can be answered in a burst, you’ve targeted the right customers, perfected your method and design, and you’ve even included a small token of appreciation. Just a couple more things to keep in mind…

Timing is everything. You’ve spent time and money perfecting your content, and you’ll want to put some added thought into time of delivery. Consider the best time of day, week, and month to send your survey.

Do not, for example, instruct your staff to stuff envelopes right after you receive your pieces and mail them the Friday before Labor Day. Define parameters, check-ins and even a promotional plan for your survey. You’ll want to schedule mid-week arrivals for email, phone, and direct mail. Your piece should arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. As for the ideal time of day to target your customers, email surveys should be sent in the morning and phone surveys should be conducted in the early evening.

Limit your response aggregation time to a two-week period for mail and one-week period for email. And don’t sweat it if you need to send out a piece on a certain day. It’s okay to segment your target groups. Delivering your survey at certain times, can be ideal for your own ease of recording purposes. However, it’s also okay to remind your customers to take your survey to receive the reward or incentive you’ve provided for them during the survey period.

Simple on-site advertising and cheerful reminders from front-line employees do wonders to reassure customers, so make sure they received your content and allow your team to spur them to act. If you’ve instructed a customer to respond on your website, make sure it’s easy to find and in a prominent location. After all, your website is your space, so it’s not obtrusive, rather it’s measurable and low-cost.

That’s almost it. But we’ve got one more important thing before you start analyzing, reading, and categorizing your responses.

Key takeaways

  • Do not rush your survey. Carefully select, segment, and target arrival times.
  • Reminders are a good tool, particularly on your website or in your office’s front lobby.
  • Define parameters on response turnaround time. You’ll thank us later.

Up next: Say thank you to your customers


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