Survey road map: What’s in it for the customer?

Increase your survey response rate by offering an appealing survey with a reward for customers who complete your survey.

Remember, your purpose is to uncover the most data you can use: trends, responses and remarks. You’ve got your goal, your questions, your target market, and your probable forum. Now, you need to make sure the message appeals to your customer.

Test it out

The content should spur your customer to respond. A trial run with different content such as A & B testing – can help you perfect your message. For example, one message might be warm, fuzzy, with script font. Another might be blue or black, with block text. Therefore, by using two groups as recipients to compare sample results can help you before the real thing goes live. You can even perform a dry run comparing email content with mail content.

Create an intriguing design

Secondly, the design is important. For emails, the subject line is essential, and body copy should be kept short. And note, that it’s better to link to a web survey rather than include a PDF attachment.

Your direct mail piece should be eye-catching and grab your customer’s attention. This could be a brightly-colored, catchy postcard. It could also be a warm, hand-addressed envelope. No matter what the mail piece is that you decide on, make sure
it stands out. The last thing you want is a windowed envelope that looks like every other envelope with the address and name in block text, looking like it’s directly from your billing list. You’re asking for a customer’s time, so creating an intriguing direct
mail piece is essential. They need to be assured that you spent some time and effort understanding them so that they are convinced that they should open your envelope or read your postcard.

Create a reward system

Finally, a small reward can really seal the deal for your customer – and for your response rate. Enticement often spurs responses above and beyond normal forecasts. In addition, it provides value to your customers, and shows you care.

Remember, that any survey you conduct is an extension of your brand so it must represent your loyalty to your customers.

During a recent survey, we tested a $5 bill incentive versus a $2 bill incentive. The $2 bill incentive seemed intuitively cheaper.

However, we sent out far more $2 bill incentives to our target, and far less $5 bill rewards, that elicited the same response per group. In the end, we spent less and received better responses with the $5 bill group! A reward that triggers actions will definitely be preferred over the cheapest and fastest method, saving you money in the long run. The lesson here? It’s best to keep your reward simple and sweet. For instance, including a gift card or certificate to your own business may seem self-serving and a sweepstakes offer tends to be confusing and ineffective. Whenever you’re ready to make the jump to surveying,
we’re happy to discuss which reward incentives will work best your survey sample.

Key takeaways

  • Consider testing methods and content with small groups.
  • Eye-catching and standout design is vital for direct mail surveys.
  • Remember to include a subject line and to keep body copy short for email surveys.
  • Small, thoughtful rewards can really help make customers feel appreciated.

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