Survey road map: Say thank you to your customers

Increase your survey’s response rate by showing you care.

Remember, the customer’s time and energy is key to your survey’s results. You’ll want to make sure and say “Thank You” for taking the time to complete your survey. After all, you’ve put time, effort, and money into your survey, but it’s the customer who lays the foundation for your data, intelligence, and future success.

Show your customer you truly care

Make sure you’ve said thank you throughout your survey content. If you have the space, it’s often a good idea to describe to the customer the importance of their reply, or even state that you will be using these responses to improve your service or product down the road. Be inclusive, and they’ll return the favor.

And even if you’ve already provided a reward or an enticement, don’t hesitate to send out an email of thanks. A carefully-worded landing page illustrating your appreciation is a must for responses you gather online. Even an update to survey results or direct-mail thank-you note reinforces your tactics and helps pave the way for future responses from your customer. Above all, remember how important your customer is and how valuable their responses are to your business. Thank them as you hope they thank you for offering your product or service.

Don’t fear the review

Finally, when it’s all said and done, survey responses provide you with immense benefits – but you’ll need to devote considerable time and energy parsing responses.

Don’t be afraid of negative comments and don’t be defensive, learn from your target audience. And who knows, a customer’s anecdote about your service missing the mark may help you improve your company’s offerings. This process can also open a dialogue between you and the customer base. Perhaps, you’ll learn that you need to devote more attention to a certain audience, an issue you may not have been aware of before distributing the survey and receiving such constructive feedback.

In addition, keep track of your results and measurements – you’ll want to improve your survey tactics next year, next quarter, or next time, and you’ll no doubt have some more burning questions based on these responses and the follow-up. The best news? By keeping track of the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why – your next survey will be just as successful, if not even more successful than the last. On behalf of the entire Imagemakers team, we wish you the best of luck!

We hope you have enjoyed our survey road map and have found it helpful. However, if you have any questions please give us a call at (785) 260-0146. We’re always available to discuss survey tactics, best practices, content, tests, and rewards.

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How have surveys helped your business? We look forward to hearing your success stories!


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