Survey road map: Why survey?

Before you start, it’s important to hone in on the goal of your survey. Of course, you want to learn more about your customer and you probably already have one or two main questions you need to resolve. Concise questions will yield actionable answers from your customers.

You’ll want to keep the purpose of your survey in mind as you review questions, discuss methods, and determine your timetable.

It’s tempting to assume you can ask your customers a laundry list of questions and keep their responses on file for later review. But the reality is that this isn’t the case. Your customers can’t give you the road map to your business’ future, although they can give you nuggets of information that help you understand your sales figures, or why previous changes worked or didn’t work.

When planning your survey, focus on the desired behavior of your customers. Somehow there’s a gap between the desired behavior and the numbers you see. Simple multiple-choice responses from a bulk of customers can help you figure that out.

Remember, you’re shooting for trends and examples of customer stories that help establish a baseline for your business. Maintaining a focus on a few key questions will yield responses that you can use. Best of all, this year’s why may differ from next year’s why. Let’s say you’re able to improve one customer behavior. It’s safe to say that next year you’ll have a different question, a different nugget of information you’d like to chase down.

Your survey is a first step toward developing brand intelligence for your business. Down the road your survey questions open dialogue with customers, but also keep you in tune with what’s really going on. Better business is smarter business and a survey is an easy way to deepen the well of knowledge.

Key Takeaways

  • Limit your survey to the most crucial and simple goals.
  • Keep your questions concise.
  • Remember your purpose.
  • Survey knowledge builds over time.

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